Customer Feedback


I wanted to try the Enada you sent me & give it a fair revue. The timing was great,
because I was diagnosed last month as chronic fatigue syndrome & fybromyalgia, among
others. Been that way all my life. Just worse now in apple valley with the pollen &
mold higher than it's ever been.

That enada works! There's no other way to say it. I took 2 a day of the 2.5 mg pills,
as I wanted to try the 5 mg dose. I figured in my condition I needed industrial
strength help. The day I ran out I felt the same for 1/2 day, then ran out of steam big
time. With it, I get stuff done, and it just seems like it's one of those days when
"you're on a roll." Not only the energy, but the drive to go with it!

jim lambert :)


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