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Note: The study mentioned contained very few participants, and was funded by the manufacturer!

A recent Georgetown University Medical Center clinical pilot study among CFS patients reports that participants taking ENADA® were four times more likely than those taking a placebo to experience a reduction in symptoms.

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WIZARDS GATE no longer sells ENADA brand NADH.

The following link will take you to a company that caries NADH at very good prices. We are not connected with them in any way, and receive nothing for referring you there.


I have decided not to carry ENADA back in 2000. The profit was very small, and the minimum manufacturer order climbed to where stocking enough to have good pricing and maintain product freshness isn't feasible. The source above sells it for what I was paying wholesale! (It's the ENADA brand, just repackaged under their name.)

I had good results with NADH, as did many others. In my opinion though, it doesn't deliver all that should be expected, considering the high price and all the promotion and hype. I'm not sure that simple niacin or niacinamide wouldn't approximate the benefits. Still, I have left the information here on the site for those with interest.


Scott Miller

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